The result of Adam’s rebellion against God the Creator was God’s judgment through many curses (Genesis 3).
God cursed the ground, which mankind had governed and cared for (Genesis 1:28). He sentenced the man and woman to die, as he said would happen in Genesis 2:17. He also cursed the animals as well as the serpent. Humans (i.e., you and me, descendants of Adam) inherit this “original sin.”
In layman’s terms, it means that we are sentenced to die – we are prone to sin because we were “in Adam” when he sinned. In effect, God removed some of His sustaining power, and so the creation was no longer maintained in a perfect state (Romans 8: 21).
That results in us now suffering things like cancer, sickness, hardship, aging and finally, death.
The good news is that despite our sin, God loved us so much that He had already planned a way for us to return to a perfect relationship with Him. (John 3: 16; Romans 3: 9-12; Romans 5: 12; Romans 6: 23; Psalm 14: 2-3).