A Miraculous Birth

Preacher Mr Brian Paul
15. Oct. 2023

Samson is one of the bible’s most well-known characters, and he is also the most problematic of all the judges. Also, the account of Samson doesn’t follow the familiar pattern we have come to expect. Samson doesn’t conform to how we think a biblical hero should act. He is arrogant, duplicitous, a devious trickster and a womaniser. He was a miraculous and unasked-for gift to the people. But Israel handed him over to the Philistines so they could save themselves. In Samson, we see the flaws of God’s people between the time of Joshua and the time of the kings. But we also see wonderful hints of the perfect judge and saviour to come.

(Brian Paul - local lay-preacher - continuing his series on Judges)

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