God Has Come To Search For The Lost

Preacher Rev Lourens Nel
30. Apr. 2023

The rich revelation in Belgic Confession Art 17 points up again who God is. When Adam so long ago ran to hide from God, deserted God, God yet searched for him. God is looking for His child who belongs to him, who is His property, son of Abraham. Jesus called Zacchaeus, a child of the Covenant. And if His property is found, there is joy, because according to the covenant, there is always a relationship with God and the lost. The covenant with the Lord and us is a characteristic of His love. To me He said: “You are My child; I have given Christ to make payment for your sins.” In the midst of the struggles of my daily life, I am much comforted by the awareness that God loved me so much that He Himself searched for me in order to save me.

(Belgic Confession Article 17)

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