God Opposes The Proud But Gives Grace To The Humble

Preacher Rev Lourens Nel
21. Nov. 2021

The apostle Peter addresses the elders first and encourages them to be humble. Peter is a fellow-elder, a witness of the sufferings of Christ, but also a partaker in the glory that is going to be revealed when Jesus’ return. He tells us to do what Jesus has done, and this is to shepherd the flock. This is to take care of the congregation. Peter says to the elders, don’t exalt yourselves, but lead by example. Lead by example by serving as Jesus did. Don’t escape it or run from it. These are the warnings we need as a church. A warning  against living for ease, a warning against living for money; and a warning against living for power and prestige and praise, and a warning for the church and the elders to be an example in difficult times that lie ahead. A warning against pride!

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