I Don’t Know the Time of My Death

Preacher Rev Lourens Nel
05. Sep. 2021

I am now an old man and don’t know the day of my death “This is Isaac at a very advanced age, talking to his son Esau. He is old, tired, blind and death is probably at hand. Nonetheless, he is not ready! There are unresolved matters in his life. His son, Esau, his first born, needs to be blessed first. Yes, he knows how very little respect Esau has for the covenant and that he was disobedient to the Lord, when he chose to marry two Hittite women and also to support their idol worship. We read in Genesis 26:35 that it was a cause of deep sorrow for him and his wife, Rebekah. Isaac also knows that his second son, Jacob, desperately yearns for God’s promises and that he follows the Lord with a sincere heart. But nonetheless he wants to bless Esau, because this is the son he loves, so dearly! Esau was the apple of his eye, his first-born. And in his love, he doesn’t discipline – he wants to bless.

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