Job and His Children

Preacher Rev Lourens Nel
05. Sep. 2021

Job had everything and lost everything. We read in our passage that he was the greatest of all the children of the East. He was not only rich in possessions, but also in children. He had seven sons and three daughters. These things had only increase, because of God's blessings in his life.  His family was a God-fearing family, a family who sacrificed, prayed, and lived in the fear of the Lord. We should note that the first thing we are told about Job’s children is that they had feasts, and that they would invite their sisters and eat and drink with them. They probably had a good relationship with each other, because they had a great relationship with their parents. Job did not have anything against his children having feasts. He let them be and trust them. But Job was also wise enough to know that his children can sin. He knew their weak points as well, and then he prayed for them, and took special care of them through burnt offerings.

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