Let The Children Come To Me

Preacher Rev Lourens Nel
26. Jun. 2022

In Chapter 1 of the book Samuel, God shows that He was in control when a woman’s prayers were answered, and a child was born. He did not only create life in Hannah’s womb but also brought life in a dead nation with this boy, Samuel. The Lord answered Hannah’s prayer. She called the boy Samuel, saying, “I have asked for him from the Lord.” God gave life through her circumstances. This is grace and a sign that our God provides. Mark 10:13-15, when Jesus instructed his disciples to let the children come to Him, is also a sign of grace and His Kingdom. Infant baptism is a perfect picture of this truth. Infant baptism teaches about receiving the Kingdom like a little, helpless, dependent child who can add nothing but is still instructed to be received in Jesus and blessed by Him. The children in Mark 10 didn’t know how much they needed Jesus’ grace but were still blessed, received and given the Kingdom.

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