We Will Not Neglect The House Of The Lord

Preacher Rev Lourens Nel
03. Apr. 2022

Israel confessed their sin, professed the Lord’s name, and renewed His covenant with a binding agreement. This was their new commitment, their new beginning! The people promised that they will be faithful to God’s law again. In the original language the word can be described as an oath. This is not the normal word that describes the Covenant of the Lord but can be seen more as an answer to the promises of the Lord. The people gave their word and said Amen on the Lord's faithfulness and promise that they will live according to His law. They promise to be obedient to all of God’s commandments. They did it with an oath, and they call God as a witness. The leaders, the Levites, and the Priests were affixing their seals to it. Seals are tokens of commitment, and we are doing it constantly even today!

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